BC Golden Scallops

Located just hours from Vancouver, our hatchery and farm are located on Coode Island in the District of Powell River. 

With its abundance of nutrients, we can take advantage of mother natures ideal natural environment for shellfish farming. BC Golden Scallop farms are tucked away on Coode Island, just off of the Straight of Georgia on Okeover Arm.

Scallops here are grown in their natural environment in layered lantern nets, suspended on longlines that are submerged below the ocean’s surface. 

Every lantern net is monitored by our staff to ensure consistent, healthly growth and minimize lose of this BC jewel.  Water quality is also monitored constantly with Independent lab tests, weekly to ensure that the BC Goldgen Scallops are always safe from bacteria and red tide. This OceanWise recommended scallop will be a great addition to any menu in Vancouver.